introduction and something more about me

Dear visitors, in front of you is an online place where you will find very specific contents about interviewing and lie detection. The classical interviewing methodology will be presented in a slightly different light, as a valuable investigative and security tool.

I will try to remind you on of the fact that even in the time of the galloping growth of digital technology, people are still an irreplaceable source of information. In their heads there are stored key information that are needed to detect and clarify criminal and other harmful acts, perform security assessments or make important business decisions.

I will specially pay attention to the methodology for assessing the reliability of this information. With the large amount of various information that we receive from other people, it becomes more important to be able to identify those that are credible unlike those that are intended to deceive us.

My intention is to share knowledge that is the result of scientific research, practical experience and some completely new ideas.


Josip Pavliček, PhD.


graduate criminalist, master of criminalistics and master of sciences in field of criminal law sciences, doctor of criminal law, criminal procedure law and criminology

26 years of work experience in the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Croatia

more than 10 years of experience in direct investigation of the most serious crimes, murders and sexual offenses as an inspector and as a police manager

experience through thousands of investigative interviews with different categories of persons – witnesses, victims, perpetrators of the most serious crimes

specializations with German, British and American experts in investigative interviewing and lie detection

for the last 13 years, professor at the Police College in Zagreb and external associate at the Faculty of Law in Zagreb, the University of Rijeka and at the Faculty of Medicine in Zagreb

Lecturer in charge in the course Techniques of investigative interviewing, Criminalistics Interview, Criminalistics Methods, Polygraph Examination at the Police College Zagreb

author of the textbooks “Investigative Interview” and “Criminal investigation of homicides” and several other books, and numerous professional and scientific articles

leader of a scientific research project on the methodology of gathering information from persons and the development of lie detection methods, and leader and collaborator on several other projects

the author of specific approaches in interviewing methodology during the Insurance anti-fraud interview, Security interview, Exit interview, Selection interview

the author of special questionnaires for conducting internal investigations and detecting security-risk candidates and employees, such as the Investigative Questionnaire and the Security Questionnaire in the candidate selection process

Lecturer at numerous conferences, professional gatherings, specialist seminars on information gathering techniques and methods for assessing the credibility of statements for police officers, insurance fraud experts, internal audit experts, HR experts, private security experts and corporate security experts in Croatia and abroad.