investigative interview


Specifics for interviewing victims of sexual violence

Conducting an investigative interview with a victim of sexual violence is one of the most demanding investigative interviews. In addition to the objectives related to the quantity and quality of collected information, it is necessary to take care of protecting the victim from secondary victimization.¬†Read more…


Investigative interview in corporate investigations

Theft by employees, leakage of confidential business information, events causing damage or jeopardizing business, frauds to the detriment of the company, especially frauds involving employees, and frauds in insurance companies, are only a partial series of business problems, the solution of which requires investigative skills interviewing. Read more…


Investigative interview as a tool for the collection of information from personal memory

Gathering information from individuals is one of the most used methods in criminal investigations. There is almost no criminal offense or misdemeanor where, in its detection, clarification, or finding evidence and the perpetrator, it is not necessary to collect some form of information from witnesses, victims, injured parties, or perpetrators. Read more