security questionnaire

The security questionnaire is a partially standardized instrument for collecting and assessing security information from individuals. It is used as a stand-alone assessment tool or as an integral part of a process that includes a security interview and/or security checks. It contains sets of specially designed questions related to certain security risks significant for the company’s operations.

After filling out the written security questionnaire, the interpretation of individual and interconnected answers, assessment of the credibility of the information and scoring of the answers are carried out. If necessary for making an assessment, an additional security interview is conducted with the candidate or additional checks are performed.

Question sets are developed or adapted according to the security needs of a particular company, workplace, security event, and most often include security risks such as:

tendency to deceive/lie, impression management

data on security risks from the past

awareness/information about security aspects of business

resistance to certain security risks such as:




disclosure of confidential business information

specific personal risks

tendency to conflicts

negative ambition

not/following the rules

addiction to drugs, gambling, internet, games of chance

greed and attitude towards material things.