Internal (corporate) investigations

The concept of the investigation was reserved exclusively for individual state bodies and determined by legal regulations of criminal law.

In the last 10 or so years, under the influence of the departure of professionals from the public security sector to the private security sector, especially the corporate security system, the investigation has acquired a new, broader meaning.

We can agree that this is not the kind of investigation carried out by the state attorney’s office and the police, but some principles, methods, tactics, and actions are the same or slightly adapted. Such an investigation was given the prefix “internal” because it is carried out within the company to discover, clarify, and prove harmful actions. Let’s be realistic, it was practiced even before it started being called that.

It was carried out and is still carried out to a significant extent – without adequate internal procedures, fragmented, tactically inadequate, and superficial, which was mostly connected with weak results of the investigation or even some unwanted consequences for the company.

Now, when it has already taken root in practice, it needs systematic, professional, and also scientific shaping. Primarily since professionals from the public security sector can adapt more quickly and easily to the new conditions of the “loss” of public powers and the new conditions of research in the corporate context.

Then also because of those professionals who started their careers in the corporate sector, but also internal auditors who also need to conduct internal investigations, so that they can fully use the advantages of criminal methodology.