lie Detection during the selection interview

Poslovni vođa intervjuira kandidata za posao. Poslovni čovjek i žene sjede za konferencijskom stolom, koriste laptope i pričaju. Koncept sporazuma o raspravi

We achieve the purpose of the selection interview if we know how to distinguish the truth from a lie

In order to vividly portray the purpose of the selection interview, i.e. its opposite, I will use the words of my acquaintance, a long-term professional in selection, who calls the selection interview a play. “Both, we and the candidates are preparing from the same materials that have been published in numerous brochures on the Internet.  Read more…


Specialized webinar – LIE DETECTION during the selection  interview

Candidates often overemphasize their strengths and downplay or polish over their weaknesses and the risks they bring to the company. Sometimes the ability to recognize lies during the selection interview is the only fence that protects the company from choosing the wrong candidate, and thus unwanted consequences. Read more…